Lister’s Brewery Crowdfunding Campaign

Lister’s Brewery Crowdfunding – The Brand Striving to satisfy the beer drinkers that prefer traditional styles of beer, Lister’s Brewery produces wide range of fine ales. Pssionate about quality, consistency and customer service, the brand has over 500,000 pints sold to date. Lister’s Brewery Crowdfunding – How Drop Supported Them Lister’s Brewery were one of … Read More

Elifinty Crowdfunding Campaign

Elifinty Crowdfunding – The Brand Aiming to transform the way people interact with charities, banks and other institutions, Elifinty have developed an app that predicts and simplifies money issues. A highly-secured platform – with 256-bit encryption, Elifinty provides Account management, Expense management, Debt management, Behavioural management, Artificial intelligence enhanced service and Financial education. Elifinty Crowdfunding … Read More

Givt Crowdfunding Campaign

Givt Crowdfunding – The Brand With a mission to transform the engagement between givers and charitable causes, Givt have developed an app for cashless donations. Suitable for charity, event, and church donations, with Givt’s app everyone can donate anonymously and decide how much they would like to give. With 34,000 people using Givt, the donations … Read More

Drop Drinks Crowdfunding Campaign

Drop Drinks Crowdfunding – The Brand Inspired by the traditional British sweets, Drop Drinks have entered the drinks industry with their distinctive vintage beverage. After experimenting with flavours for a few years, in 2018 Drop Drinks introduced their first flavoured vintage drink – Pear Drop. Drop Drinks Crowdfunding – How Drop Supported Them We supported … Read More

Propetly Crowdfunding Campaign

Propetly Crowdfunding – The Brand Striving to become the connecting hub between investment providers and global investors, Propetly will be a marketplace allowing property investors to find, evaluate and calculate their complete investment project – directly online in minutes. Propetly Crowdfunding – How Drop Supported Them We supported the Propetly crowdfunding campaign with video production. … Read More

Auto Lease Compare Crowdfunding Campaign

Auto Lease Compare Crowdfunding – The Brand Aiming to transform the growing UK car leasing industry, Auto Lease Compare have developed an online platform that compares deals from top leasing companies. Within seven months of trading, the brand has received a great reception from the industry and has attracted 40,000 users on their platform. Auto … Read More

Active Needle Crowdfunding Campaign

Active Needle Crowdfunding – The Brand Active Needle have developed an award-winning ultrasonic technology that enhances visibility for medical needles in applications such as biopsy. In addition to its utility in the medical sector, the product can be used in the tattooing industry as well because of its specialised feature of low skin penetration and … Read More

Vitl Crowdfunding Campaign

Vitl Crowdfunding – The Brand Vitl is a health and fitness platform, aiming to improve the nation’s health by offering vitamin packs that are fully personalised to the customer and delivered directly to their door. Vitl uses artificial intelligence to decipher which nutrients a person needs to ensure a healthy lifestyle. They raised funds to … Read More

Zero Water Video Project

Zero Water – The Brand The Zero Water commercial was produced by Drop Studio. Their innovative technology allows consumers to get the most of their water. In addition, their patented 5-stage filter, removes virtually all dissolved solids in tap water. Zero Water’s 5-stage filter works by first removing fine particles and sediment. It then disperses … Read More

Dame Crowdfunding Campaign

Dame Crowdfunding – The Brand Aiming to reduce the waste from everyday products, Dame have created a reusable tampon applicator with a self-cleaning technology embedded. Dame’s applicator works with almost all tampons and is easy to use, clean and storable. Dame Crowdfunding – How Drop Supported Them Dame came to us to produce the video … Read More

Glowstone Crowdfunding Campaign

Glowstone Crowdfunding – The Brand Glowstone is a tech brand with a mission to improve people’s everyday experience by creating smart technology that promises to make life better for everyone. Their latest product – the Glowstone Flashlight, is a patented “military grade” flashlight in a compact form, which can easily fit in a pocket (just … Read More

Fitu Crowdfunding Campaign

Fitu Crowdfunding – The Brand Aiming to remove the hassle from booking a workout, Fitu have developed a unique app that gives customers the freedom to choose any physical activity happening around them without having to deal with monthly memberships. At the same time, the brand also helps studios fill up unsold spots, thus supporting … Read More

Picfair Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign

Picfair Crowdfunding – The Brand Picfair is a photography company, helping ‘amateur’ photographers to license their images for businesses to use. The brand allows its growing community of photographers to sell their work at a price of their choice, taking an insignificant fee out of each deal. Picfair Crowdfunding – How Drop Supported Them Picfair … Read More

DNApal Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign

DNApal Crowdfunding Case Study Recently, we had the pleasure of working with an exciting brand that’s creating personalised diets, based on one’s DNA. Striving to develop the full scope of their innovative app, our clients – DNApal, successfully raised £53,500 on Crowdcube. DNApal Crowdfunding – The Brand With the belief that most health and fitness … Read More

Hoptroff London Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign

Hoptroff London Crowdfunding Case Study Drop Studio have been making a name for themselves this year in the B2B sector – we love meeting clients who present us with a challenging narrative that tests our creative team. This year, we partnered with Hoptroff London, who offer traceable time as a service (don’t worry, we’ll explain … Read More

Marloe Crowdfunding Campaign Case Study

We would like to introduce you to our latest client – Marloe Watch Company who have smashed Crowdcube by raising a staggering amount of £620,640 and overfunded by 620%. Let’s discover why the Marloe crowdfunding campaign was attractive to many investors around the globe. The Brand – Marloe Watch Company Marloe Watch Company is an … Read More

Morso Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign

The Brand Morso is a modern Italian restaurant that specialises in hand-crafted fresh pasta and small plates of Italian bites, alongside innovative grappa-based cocktails. They partnered with Drop Studio to create their campaign video. Our creative team collaborated with Morso’s founding team, to ensure the video effectively highlighted the restaurant’s qualities and showcased the making … Read More

Storyball Crowdfunding Campaign Case Study

Today’s focus is the Storyball crowdfunding campaign, which reached an impressive funding – 454% of its target on Kickstarter!. The Brand – Storyball Storyball is a revolutionary smart toy. It aims to immerse kids in a world of play, imagination and learning, while keeping them away from phones, tablets, and TVs. This screen-free technology creates … Read More

Space Store Crowdfunding Campaign Case Study

We would like to introduce one of our latest clients, Space Store, who crushed their crowdfunding target by 147% and successfully raised  £147,020. Let’s see why the Space Store crowdfunding campaign appealed to many investors around the globe. It was a campaign that rocketed off to outer space! The Brand – Space Store Space Store … Read More

My Friend Charlie Crowdfunding Campaign Case Study

Drop Studio was looking forward to partnering with My Friend Charlie on their campaign with Crowdcube – an innovative offline solution for the modern online dating industry. Drop have previously supported Dateplay with their crowdfunding campaign video production. So when My Friend Charlie approached us for full-service support for their Crowdcube campaign, we were thrilled … Read More

Veeqo Crowdfunding Campaign Case Study

One of the million-dollar projects in Drop Studio’s portfolio is the Veeqo crowdfunding campaign. For the short duration of their campaign, the brand managed to surpass its original campaign goal on £1,000,039 Seedrs. As a result, they closed their crowdfunding round with £1,227,995 raised. The Brand – Veeqo Veeqo helps online retailers run profitable operations … Read More

Pulp Crowdfunding Campaign Case Study

Today we will dive into the wine world to explore one amazing brand and its successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The Pulp crowdfunding campaign overfunded its initial target by 20% with the support of 172 backers. The Brand – Pulp Pulp aims to translate the complex wine jargon, by delivering a diverse selection of wines … Read More

Auro Crowdfunding Campaign Case Study

Drop Studio had the great opportunity to work with Auro – an exciting new fitness brand, offering an innovative audio fitness app . They were in need of campaign support and chose to partner with us to create their campaign video. The Auro crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube closed at 104% funded, exceeding its initial target … Read More

Sunstone Systems Crowdfunding Campaign

Today we want to introduce you to yet another feather in our cap – the Sunstone Systems crowdfunding campaign. Not long ago, this promising business conquered Crowdcube by raising the staggering amount of £590,960. Let’s dig into their crowdfunding campaign and see what made their offer attractive to so many investors around the globe. Sunstone … Read More

Tuk Tuk Chai Crowdfunding Campaign

Drop Studio partnered with Tuk Tuk Chai on their first crowdfunding campaign on the FCA regulated platform Crowdcube. With an initial goal of £150,000, the Tuk Tuk Chai crowdfunding campaign closed the funding round 183% overfunded and with 375 investors on board. Tuk Tuk Chai Crowdfunding – How it all started Tuk Tuk Chai is … Read More

Gartenzwerg Seedrs & Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaigns

While reviewing all our crowdfunding success stories, Gartenzwerg crowdfunding campaign comes to mind. During their first funding round in November 2017, they raised £117,352 on Seedrs, surpassing their initial £50,000 two fold. In August 2018, Gartenzwerg reached back out to the crowd, raising $47,650 on Indiegogo – 102% funded. In 2018, they headed over to … Read More

Black Sheep Coffee Growth Marketing Campaign

The Client: Black Sheep Coffee Black Sheep Coffee are a series of unique coffee shops created with the sole purpose of ridding the world of boring, average tasting coffee, by rethinking long-established traditions. Located in London and Manchester, they were first created in 2013 by a group of coffee-loving friends from uni who decided to … Read More

Notes Coffee Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign

Notes Coffee Crowdfunding Campaign This is yet another successful crowdfunding story – the Notes crowdfunding campaign, which attracted 831 investors and closed its round with £1,194,330 pledged. Let’s explore the brand, their crowdfunding journey and Drop’s role in their funding triumph. Notes Crowdfunding – The brand Notes is not only an established coffee shop but … Read More

Core Collective Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign

Here is another successful project we’ve worked on. A boutique fitness studio named Core Collective, wanted to raise funds for the development of an additional space. When launched, their crowdfunding campaign, took Seedrs by storm back in 2017. Above all, the campaign did very well and has helped them raise a whopping amount of £2,056,412. … Read More

Zoomdoc Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign

Among the many inspiring crowdfunding stories in our portfolio, today we have decided to focus on one intriguing medical project – ZoomDoc. With a goal of £500,000, the brand launched a crowdfunding campaign in November 2017, to fund the further development of their platform. ZoomDoc ended its crowdfunding campaign with £540,695 raised. ZoomDoc Crowdfunding – … Read More

roomfortea Crowdfunding Campaign

roomfortea Crowdfunding Campaign roomfortea is a peer-to-peer accommodation platform matching hosts and guests globally for mid-term stays. We supported them with Crowdfunding Video Production. About roomfortea The online is a peer-to-peer accommodation platform lets users find a rooms for shot term or long term basis. The user selects a room to match their requirement and budget. Once … Read More

Zenmate Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign

Zenmate Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign  ZenMate provides an array of multi-platform online security products and services to ensure users’ anonymity and protection while connecting to the internet. With over 40m installs in 160 countries, ZenMate strives to provide people around the world with a free and secure access to the web. We supported Zenmate’s Crowdfunding with … Read More

Feedr Crowdcube Crowdfunding Campaign

Today, we’re taking a look back at another of our successful crowdfunding stories, the Feedr Crowdfunding Campaign. With a target of £450,000, they smashed initial expectations during the final days of their campaign, overfunding by 120% and scoring a whopping £540,060. Feedr Crowdfunding – The brand Feedr is a curated online marketplace that aims to … Read More

Ed Sheeran supports Jam-Bus – Charity Crowdfunding Campaign

Ed Sheeran supports Jam-Bus Crowdfunding campaign, creating a unique music space to help Children learn.  Jam-Bus is a one of a kind and an exciting music space created from an Old London Bendy-Bus that gives the Children of Ecclesbourne Primary School the chance learn to love music in a unique and exciting setup.  About Jam-Bus … Read More

808 Drinks Crowdfunding Campaign

Looking at past successful projects that we’ve worked on, the 808 Whisky Remixed crowdfunding campaign springs to mind! In 2017, they launched their campaign on Seedrs and dramatically overfunded by 350%, raising a whopping £954,496! Let’s learn why their crowdfunding campaign was a complete triumph! 808 Whisky Remixed – The brand 808 Whisky Remixed is … Read More

Event Filming

Event filming specialists. We provide top quality filming and editing services for a wide array of our clients from Tedx London to Google and Youtube.  If you would like us to capture your even, please contact us today. View More Films     Crowdfunding Video Production – From writing creative film ideas and scripts to filming … Read More

Go Banana Crowdfunding Campaign

The Go Banana team raised £250,000Go Banana – The “Amazon for building supplies”. Revolutionising the way tradesman shop for building supplies online. We supported them with Crowdfunding Video Production. View More Campaigns   Crowdfunding Video Production – From writing creative film ideas and scripts to filming and editing with animation and 3D graphics, we create outstanding videos to … Read More

Homegrown Crowdfunding Campaign Overfunded by nearly 200%

Homegrown Crowdfunding – The Homegrown team raised £296,000, overfunding by nearly 200% Homegrown is a property crowdfunding platform that gives investors the opportunity to invest in large-scale residential development projects, from established UK property developers. We supported them and the Homegrown team raised £296,000, overfunding by nearly 200%. They had engaged Drop Studio for the … Read More

Yumpingo Crowdfunding Campaign

The Yumpingo team raised £240,000. Here’s the Yumpingo Crowdfunding campaign went. Yumpingo is a food intelligence platform that enables restaurants to serve more food their customers love. It collects real time data from guests who participate voluntary to give real feedback on dishes and service giving businesses in return genuine insight that allows them to … Read More

Ozoneplay Crowdfunding Campaign

 Ozoneplay raised over £485,000 on Seedrs. Ozoneplay brings cash competitions to mobile games.There are more than 1.9bn mobile gamers around the world in 2016, so imagine playing your favourite games and winning real cash prizes!Ozoneplay created an amazing competition platform that offers a choice of competitions from tournaments, play with friends to random 1-to-1 matchups.Their games are … Read More

China Unicom Multi Number Sim – International Campaign

 We produced China Unicom’s latest video campaign for their new multi number sim card.This innovative sim allows you to communicate seamlessly between Mainland China, Hong Kong and the UK. And the best bit is, you can receive calls from both your Chinese and UK numbers. It means your clients; family and friends can always reach you, no matter where you are. Plus inclusive data roaming within 32 … Read More


 As Seedrs official film partner we provide creative services to both business on their platform and Seedrs themselves. Here are a selection of projects we have created for Seedrs, including several case study videos for some of their most successful crowdfunded businesses and a event highlights video.The above video is a case study video of … Read More

Tedx London

We are proud film partners of TEDx London. This year we supported the event with post-production and a 360° filming initiative of the talks. The theme of this years conference was ‘Ingenuity’ and was host to an array of amazing speakers including Professor Stephen Hawking, social media entrepreneur Steve Bartlett, The Science Museums inventor in residence Mark Champkins … Read More

Charlotte Mathieu London

Charlotte Mathieu is a luxury London based babywear company. They design emotional and stylish newborn gift sets made of super soft bamboo jersey. All their essentials and soft toys are beautifully arranged in a unique keepsake case together with a personable hand written message.Here is the first series of brand videos we have created for … Read More

Teneno Crowdfunding Campaign

Teneno raised £150,000 on Seedrs. Teneno is simplifying the world of computer networks for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) by providing a service which until now has only been available to the big corporate enterprise. Teneno banishes the need for those industrial cabinets found in most office spaces today. Instead, it replaces expensive hardware with … Read More

Orto Crowdfunding Campaign

Orto Crowdfunding Campaign Orto’s founders Jules and Josh came to us with the task of creating their crowdfunding campaign video. Orto is a unique offering that allows people to co-lease a range of luxury sports cars. The world’s full of people who love nice cars, but even if they can afford it, they find it … Read More

Dateplay Crowdfunding Campaign

Social media entrepreneur Vana Koutsomitis came to us with the task of creating her crowdfunding campaign video for Dateplay. A dating app that she first pitched on The Apprentice in 2015 – where she landed runner-up. DatePlay uses an unconventional approach to match users through interactive games. We helped Vana to communicate DatePlay’s solid understanding … Read More

Blackwood Seven Guide Video

Blackwood Seven came to us with the task of creating a guide video for their innovative platform. Blackwood Seven wants to revolutionize marketing by letting advertisers predict, execute and evaluate real business outcomes of their media investments instead of relying on biased human assumptions and media metrics. We ingrained ourselves within the business and successfully … Read More


We worked with Calling Brands to create a series of employee video blogs for Nokia. The video series allows potential recruits to hear first-hand how life at Nokia really feels. The videos follow Nokia employees as they guide you around their workplace that they love and introduce you to the people that make Nokia so unique.

CityMunch Crowdfunding Campaign

The CityMunch team raised £150,000 on Seedrs. CityMunch helps fill restaurants during quieter times by creating a market for off-peak dining. Also, as a result, CityMunch won a competition to become the first of five start-ups on Just Eat’s inaugural Accelerator program. CityMunch brings together restaurants and diners, solving a problem for each. For restaurants, … Read More

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie

We our proud to present our most recent film in collaboration with Fabula.  A new social media campaign to support the release of the new Snoopy and Charlie Brown movie. Reaching over 45,000 viewers within its first day of release. The Brief We were asked by Fabula and 20th Century Fox to produce a piece … Read More

Right Guard

Right Guard, the anti-perspirants and shower gels brand, came to us to produce social campaign videos. These video would help the brand promote their latest campaign “Office Games”. The campaign was a competition encouraging office employees to get involved and enter challenges to win amazing prizes. To participate, uses had to upload photos or videos … Read More

Franke – Wonderful

Brand / Franke Services / Direction / Motion Design Funke approached Drop to help them produce a short promotional re-brand video.   Crowdfunding Video Production – From writing creative film ideas and scripts to filming and editing with animation and 3D graphics, we create outstanding videos to assist ambitious businesses in effectively communicating their ideas, products or services. We … Read More


Brand / Shell Services / Editing / Motion Design  Working with Shell, we created a series of short promotional videos to showcase recent projects.   Crowdfunding Video Production – From writing creative film ideas and scripts to filming and editing with animation and 3D graphics, we create outstanding videos to assist ambitious businesses in effectively communicating their … Read More

The Funky Iron Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign

As we recount our past success stories, one that calls for our attention is The Funky Iron crowdfunding campaign. Their campaign succeeded throughout their live round on Seedrs in 2017. As a result, topping their initial target of £100,000 with 37%. Funky Iron crowdfunding – The brand The Funky Iron is a British company, who … Read More

The Evolution of Grime

Client / Drop Music Services / Direction / Film Capture / Editing  Documentary investigating the history of Grime music, from its origins in East London, to the role of the English MC within modern culture.