Targeting the right Investors

The success of every business looking for investors is measured by the total amount of money received. Finding funding might sound easy, after all, hundreds of companies have managed it before! Every day we are bombarded with media coverage on businesses who have successfully raised capital. From the entrepreneur who has a dream, to the … Read More

Are You Looking for Investors for Your Business?

The biggest problem when searching for funding, is targeting the right investors. In most cases, you will need to approach anywhere from 30-50 potentials before the perfect match is made. But when looking for investors can sometimes be a big undertaking.. So many factors affect who will become the next big investor for your business. … Read More

The Ultimate List of Investors

There have been many success stories of entrepreneurs achieving financing through investments. We regularly read in the news of accomplishments all over the world. In the UK, the number of people seeking funding has not dwindled. Odds are getting greater to be that something special and the next talked about business. But securing funding is … Read More

Find Investors in the UK

The last global financial crash was over 10 years ago and the shockwaves affected many businesses in the UK. Subsequently, banks became more reluctant to lend money. Confidence in them dropped after closures and the following low interest rates on offer. Many banks have been systematically closing branches meaning a decade of minimal returns for … Read More